Photography has been my passion since I started out as a photographer and Designer for a studio in 2007. I used to develop all these wedding photographers films and think, “Wow, these are beautiful, I want to do this”. Fortunately, I did and loved it! Once I had completed my bachelor of art degree in Arts and Graphic design I decided to work independently. There has been no turning back since then.

Our wedding collections start at $ 1,740. When you book us with any collection of your choice, you will receive all your fully edited, and retouched images on your own amazing online gallery to easily download, share with your loved ones, and order prints. It’s truly important to us that our couples get something tangible to preserve their memories with, that is why you will also receive a personalized wedding album as an heirloom for the years to come. Please fill out this form: CONTACT (it will only take you a minute), we’ll be glad to meet you both to talk about our different packages and prices.

Once you decide which collection works for you, a signed contract and a $350 non- refundable retainer fee will be needed to reserve your date.

From the moment the wedding is over, it would take us up to 4 weeks to edit and deliver your images.

Well, it would depend on the collection of your choice, but I’d say approximately 60-100 images per hour.

Though we are based in South Georgia, we really enjoy doing wedding destinations in different cities and countries around the world. We even moved to a completely different country, so believe us, we really like to travel and exploring different cultures.

We just can’t tell you enough how important it is for you to have a wedding album, that is why you will get one with any photography collection you choose. Once the wedding is over, the years will pass and your wedding day memory will see further and further away. Technology is always changing; so that USB drive, laptop, or iPad you used to keep your wedding images may not be around anymore, so it could be hard to gather all your wedding photos. You have no idea how amazing it is to have something tangible to preserve your memories. If you want more information and want to see how our albums look,  click here

Once approve the images and final design for the album, it would only take 4 weeks.

If you have more questions we’d be glad to meet you and clarify all your doubts!

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