It’s all about you.

Your wedding, the beginning of this wonderful journey called marriage. In our opinion, no matter how you decide to celebrate this incredible stage in your lives, it’s you both, and the love you share, what will make this day something special and awesome. This is your story, and we are here to capture it in the best possible way we can. We are here to keep it truly unforgettable.

We understand how much effort and time you have spent on every detail, and let me tell you, it will be for sure one of the most emotional days of your lives, full of unique moments. However, in a blink of an eye it’s going to be over and you are going to find yourself thinking what an incredible time you guys had, and how cool it will be to tell your future kids and grandkids all about it. Don’t just tell them, show them. Let the world see what a magical day it was, share your love story through amazing images to cherish forever.


We’ll take care of you.

We are fully prepared for the wedding process; we begin the day with our couples since they start getting ready until they leave the reception. We like to think of ourselves as more than photographers, as for the most part we end up being really good friends with our couples so they feel completely comfortable to be around us and our cameras which allows them to have authentic moments for us to capture.

Velas Studio | Wedding Photography & Videography Valdosta Georgia

Our story

I met my beautiful wife, Oriana, in college when we were studying Arts in Venezuela. We started as really good friends and then we dated for four years until an amazing day in October 2015,  when we became husband and wife. From a couple of smiles to the happiest day of our lives, and from a simple final essay in college to the fact of moving to a completely different country as far as language and culture; we’ve been together ever since, enjoying all wonderful things in life while facing and overcoming the obstacles with God always by our side.

We love art, photography, traveling and eating. We currently live in Valdosta, Georgia, where our church became our family and where we’ve been blessed by serving God. I play the drums since I was sixteen and it’s one of my favorite hobbies to gather with my friends and play some good Rock.

Diego Velasquez & Oriana Vera | Velas Studio | Wedding Photography & Videography Valdosta Georgia
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