Photography has been my passion since I started out as a photographer and Designer for a studio in 2007. I used to develop all these wedding photographers films and think, “Wow, these are beautiful, I want to do this”. Fortunately, I did and loved it! Once I had completed my bachelor of art degree in Arts and Graphic design I decided to work independently. There has been no turning back since then.

ASAP. Much like wedding venues, finding a wedding photographer is as important because all the good ones fill up fast. Its a fact that there are some dates that get booked quicker than others, so most of couples book us within a year prior the event and sometimes 4-6 months depending on the season and if you are getting married on a holiday weekend. If you have only a couple of months before your big day and your afraid your date is booked, please check for our availability anyway, you never know!
Your wedding is very important for us and that is why we only take one wedding per day and since we can’t “hold” dates without a signed contract and a retainer fee, we strongly encourage our couples to book us ASAP and to have the peace of mind that their day is exclusively reserved for them.

Once you decide which collection works for you, a signed contract and a retainer fee will be needed to reserve your date.

From the moment the wedding is over, it would take us between 4-6 weeks to edit and deliver your images. However, you’ll receive a preview within 7 days after your wedding.

We really enjoy doing wedding destinations in different cities and countries around the world. We even moved to a completely different country, so believe us, we really like to travel and exploring different cultures.

If you have more questions we’d be glad to meet you and clarify all your doubts!

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